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Pet Immunity - Wild Apan / Shiaqga / Sahaptin Wild Tawtnúk Mushroom

Pet Immunity - Wild Apan / Shiaqga / Sahaptin Wild Tawtnúk Mushroom

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Shiaqga... "The Native American Sahaptin Wild Tawtnúk Mushroom, referred to simply as Wild Apán, is one of the most powerful weapons in protection against illness, disease and aging.  It is a certified ceremonial sacrament for use by all Medicine Men and Women in traditional Native American Healing." - Chief Tess Pahamy, Medicine Woman Practitioner

This is the raw, ground up Apán Mushroom.  There are no other added ingredients.  It’s the Apán Mushroom in its purest form.  It works to treat a variety of health conditions in your pets and works just like it does in humans.

Apán products are created exclusively with the authentic Wild Native American Sahaptin Tawtnúk apán mushroom/conk.  The Native American Tribes of the Northern Plateau People of the Columbia River Basin have used the Apán as an integral part of their daily healing regiment.  Now this life restoring gift is being share with the world.

Apán is wild harvested at its natural peak potency and extracted with ultimate care and patience to ensure maximum potency for fullest therapeutic value. It contains many times the therapeutic healing components, like beta-d-glucans and germanium, of those found in other medical mushrooms like Chaga and so forth.  Also, when the Apán mushroom is then super concentrated in its bioavailable liquid extract form, the therapeutic benefits grow exponentially.

Size: 45 grams container (150+ daily dosages)

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