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Chamomile, Roman - Essential Oil

Chamomile, Roman - Essential Oil

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Chamomile Roman, Organic: England (Anthemis nobilis)

Roman Chamomile essential oil is considered to be on the top list of the most gentle and safe essential oils to use. It is also a highly versatile oil with a wonderful fragrance that almost everyone enjoys. This herb has been used as a medicine for thousands of years for stomach ailments and its calming effects.

To obtain the highest quality therapeutic oil, the distillation and crop handling must be done properly. The artifact Chamazulene (a chemical produced during distillation) gives this oil a slight blue color and its minor anti-inflammatory properties. (German Chamomile contains higher amounts of Chamazulene.)

Primary Usages: Highly beneficial for sedating the nervous system (stress, irritability, depression, loneliness, intense fear, anxiety, post traumatic shock disorder, anger, nervousness, ADHD, insomnia, anxiety) and excellent for skin (acne, dry itchy skin, irritation, dermatitis, eczema, hemorrhoids, psoriasis, hypersensitive skin, broken veins, inflammation, eases skin puffiness, boils, burns, frostbite, diaper rash, cuts, strengthens and regenerates the tissue, bedsores, moisturizing, pain).

Secondary Usages: Digestive complaints (soothing the stomach, heartburn, relieves gastritis, diarrhea, ulcers, vomiting, colitis, assists irritable bowel syndrome, colic, nausea, intestinal parasites, diarrhea, cramps, indigestion, loss of appetite, constipation) and beneficial for asthma and allergies. This oil is wonderful to put a drop on location for teething babies (rubbing a drop on location was more gentle and easier to use than a blended Clove Bud), toothaches, and mouth ulcers.

Has Been Reported: This versatile oil has been reported to have assisted many health conditions. Women have reported using it to relieve morning sickness, painful menstruation, PMS, and to assist in regulating their cycles. Useful for anemia, stimulate the production of white blood cells, cleansing the blood, chronic infections, and supporting the liver, gallbladder, and heart. Also beneficial for sinus inflammation or pain, sore throat, inflammation, as a painkiller (rheumatism, headaches, arthritis, sprains) and as a mild disinfectant.

‍Description: Sedative, Antispasmodic, Regenerative, Anti-Inflammatory, Stimulates the Liver.

Application: Rub on location, Diffuse, Add a drop or two in water as a daily health tonic, Use a few drops in a bath.

Found In: Peaceful, Ageless, Balance.

Influences: Very relaxing and uplifting oil. Calming to the nervous system to eases anxiety, worries, tension, anger, and fear. Promotes patience, peace and acceptance. One of our favorite oils to assist with the higher connection of Spirit.

Blends Well With: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Elevate, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Ylang Ylang.

Medicine Wheel: Primary South. Rectifies Liver Qi and Tonifies and Boosts Lung Qi.

Country of Origin: England, Organic

Botanical Name: Anthemis nobilis

Plant Part: Plant and Flower

Note: Sweet, Flowery, Refreshing, Scent

Size: 15 ml

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