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Frankincense, Somalia - Essential Oil

Frankincense, Somalia - Essential Oil

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Frankincense, Wild: Somalia (Boswellia carteri – Hydro Distilled)

In Somalia there are only two main Frankincense oil species that are used for their therapeutic properties. In the past three species were recognized because of the classification of species of Boswellia carteri and Boswellia sacra were given separate species status. Those trees are actually the same species but commonly it is agreed that the name Boswellia carteri is for trees found in Somalia and the Boswellia sacra for those in Oman.

Traditionally the Frankincense tree has been used thousands of years for its wonderful spiritual and therapeutic actions. All parts of the tree were used therapeutically in some fashion. The bark is powdered and eaten for its cleansing actions and overall general health improvement. The leaves were gathered and feed to livestock to assist in restoring them back to a healthy condition. The resin is chewed as a gum, taken as a powder, or heated to make incense for a wide variety of health conditions. Because of the high price, the concentrated therapeutic properties of the essential oil were normally only used by the wealthy.

The therapeutic Frankincense oil is considered to be one of the safest essential oils to use for all ages. It is mild on the skin and is the oil to remember to use when you are unsure how to treat a specific health condition. We have seen firsthand its powerful effects and miracles when using it on chronic health conditions and treating people who suffer from seizures or other brain related conditions. Frankincense is one of our favorite therapeutic oils to use to assist in cleansing the mind, body, and spirit from negative energies and improving the balance of the charkas. Wonderful to assist with assisting the mind to relax and focus.

Primary Usages: Anti-cancer, immune system builder, skin regeneration, fortifying to the mind, respiratory support, detoxifier, and general health tonic.

Secondary Usages: Digestive disorders, lymph congestion, uplifting to the mind and grounding.

Has Been Reported To Assist: Spiritual awareness, inflammation, reproductive and urinary difficulties, pain relief, a universal oil for numerous other ailments.

Descriptor: Immune Builder, Sedative, Digestive Aid, Anti-inflammatory, Liver Stimulant, Detoxifier, Antispasmodic.

Application: Inhale or diffuse. Apply on feet and body. Take a few drops internally. A powerful anointing oil.

Influences: Balance and Uplifting.

Caution: No special cautions.

Found In: Courage, DNA Release, Gentle Healer, Fortify, Divine, Prosperity, Mountain Retreat, Thyroid Support, Balance, Tummy Soothe.

Medicine Wheel: Primary Center and Secondary North. Increases Guardian Qi (Immune System).

Blends Well With: Black Cumin, Cedarwood, Citrus, Lavender, Myrrh, Roman Chamomile, Rosewood, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang.

Country of Origin: Somalia, Wild Crafted
Botanical Name: Boswellia carteri
Plant Part: Resin
Note: Woody, Musky

Size: 15 ml

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