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The White Tea And Camellia Collection improves hydration by +30% and reduces moisture loss. It is simply HARNN's universal solution to achieve ultra-soft and smooth hands and beautiful nails. Dermatologically tested, Eco Certified and Nature certified.


- Dermatologically tested hand and nail cream for dull, dry and mature skin, and stressed nails
- Fights moisture loss and provides ultra-soft, smooth skin and healthy nails
- Improves hydration by up to +30%.
- Contains Aquaxyl™, hyaluronic acids, ceramides, niacinamide, cica, AHA & BHA
- Suitable for repeated daily use
- 100% recyclable
- Eco-friendly, Eco-Certified & Nature certified

Our products are made exclusively without alcohol, sulphate, artificial colors, formaldehyde, paraben, silicone, mineral oils or SLS/SLES. According to our tradition, we never test on animals, nor do the products contain extracts of the same. The materials we use are made of 100% recyclable fabrics in high quality bottles made of environmentally friendly material (Eco-Friendly).


This hand & nail cream ensures thanks to natural active ingredients, minerals, essential micronutrients and enriched multivitamins, hyaluronic acid, niacinamides, ceramides, panthenol and Cica, that moisture loss of both hands and nails is combated, moisture is instead retained in the cells and, as a result of organic exfoliants (AHA/BHA), the skin is not only noticeably softer, but also has an instantly smoother, firmer complexion with a visibly fresh glow. Nails benefit from gradual reconstruction, gaining new strength, resistance, and a healthy structure.

And the enriched Aquaxyl™ is a truly powerful helper. On the one hand, it effectively reduces moisture loss in the skin and nails. On the other hand, together with niacinamide and the hyaluronic acids it contains, it is even able to reverse moisture loss. According to clinical studies, it increases blood circulation in all skin layers and accelerates collagen production. Moisture in the tissues was thus increased by +30% compared to conventional skin care products and the resistance of skin and nails was visibly improved.

Cica extracts of Centella Asiatica together with saxifrage and panthenol also support cell renewal and the organism can produce new cells. Skin irritations and wounds can heal faster, while organic salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid or AHA & BHA exfoliants cleanse the skin deep into the pores and rid it of impurities that would prevent the absorption of important substances and extremely gently rid the skin of dead skin cells, so that your skin and nail appear stronger, softer and smoother.


Lovingly soft with balancing, honeyed sweet floral notes and fruity-spicy accent. 100% pure essences.

- Camellia – Flowery – Fresh – Spicy – Sweet - White Tea – Woody - Ylang Ylang


Organic, dermatologically tested light-weight organic active ingredients, vitamins, minerals and proteins, panthenol, probiotics, tania, vitamin C, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, pH-5.5, high oryzanol oil from rice stem cells, turmeric root extracts, xanthan gum, cananga oil, moringa seed oil, evening primrose oil (Oenothera Biennis), olive oil extracts, pomegranate extracts.


This hand & nail cream combats moisture loss of both hands and nails, retaining moisture in the cells and leaving the skin not only noticeably softer, but also with an evenly smoother, firmer and fresh complexion. Nails benefit from gradual reconstruction, gaining new strength, resistance.

The special formulation strengthens the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss throughout the day, and is non-greasy.

Apply Hand & Nail Cream to hands and nails as needed, massaging gently. Application can be repeated as desired throughout the day.

TIP: Wash your hands well with warm water before applying. This cleanses the skin and pores and opens the skin pores so that the ingredients contained can be absorbed particularly well and quickly.

Size: 50 G / 1.76 oz.

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